20 Best Cafes in Nairobi

20 Best Cafes in Nairobi : Kenya’s capital city, Nairobi, is well-known for its vivacious culture, breathtaking scenery, and mouth watering cuisine. But Nairobi’s vibrant cafe culture is what really sets the city apart. Nairobi offers something for everyone, from hip hangouts to quaint neighbourhood locations. Here are a few more details about each of Nairobi’s ten best cafés that you simply must visit:

1: Artcaffe

Artcaffe is a well-liked destination for both locals and visitors, and it has several sites throughout Nairobi. Artcaffe is a terrific place for a night out because it serves a variety of alcoholic beverages in addition to fantastic cuisine and coffee. The cafe’s interior decor, which features cosy seating and cosy lighting, was influenced by European cafes.

Location: Argwings Kodhek Road, Artcaffe, Yaya Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

2:Java House

One of Nairobi’s most established and well-known café businesses is Java House, which opened its doors in 1999. The cafe’s menu offers a variety of regional and international cuisines, from burgers and fries to traditional Kenyan fare like sukuma wiki and ugali. Additionally, Java House offers discounts and freebies to its clients who participate in its loyalty programme. Location: Valley Arcade, Java House, 00505, Kenya

3:Wasp & Sprout

Found in the peaceful Loresho neighbourhood, Wasp & Sprout is a hidden treasure that is well worth the search. The cafe has a warm, eclectic feel to it thanks to its interior décor of plants and antique furnishings. Wasp & Sprout is a terrific place for creative people because it also holds events like live music performances and art exhibitions.

Where: Wasp & Sprout, Loresho Ridge, Old Loresho Shopping Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

4:The Alchemist Bar

The Alchemist Bar is the ideal location if you’re searching for somewhere to relax after a demanding day. A tranquil haven in the middle of the city is created by the trees and vegetation that encircle the cafe’s outside dining area. Regular activities at The Alchemist Bar include movie screenings and open mic evenings. The Alchemist is located at Parklands Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

5:Connect Coffee Roasters

Connect Coffee is all about creating connections, as the name would imply. The employees of the café are enthusiastic about teaching patrons about the significance of sustainability and the coffee-making process. For those who want to work in the coffee industry, Connect Coffee also provides barista training programmes.

 Location: Nairobi, Kenya, Connect Coffee Roasters The coffee company is connected via the waterfront, off riverside drive, and Chiromo gardens.

6:The Roof Café

Tin Roof Café is a quaint place that feels like a home away from home, tucked away in a beautiful Karen suburb. From avocado toast to bangers and mash, the cafe’s menu offers a combination of traditional and modern fare. There’s a tiny storefront at Tin Roof Café where they sell trinkets and handcrafted goods. Location: Langata S Road, Tin Roof, Nairobi, Kenya.

7:The Arbour

Nestled in the serene suburb of Lavington, The Arbour is an idyllic hideaway ideal for a leisurely Sunday afternoon. A calm ambiance is created by the trees and flowers encircling the cafe’s outdoor dining area. Events like meditation sessions and yoga lessons are also held at The Arbour. Arbour Place, Aromatics Spa, 101 Manyani E Road, Nairobi, Kenya is the address.

8:Pointzero Coffee

Pointzero Coffee was established by a group of passionate coffee drinkers and is focused on sustainability and quality. Along with a selection of specialty coffee drinks, the cafe’s menu offers salads and smoothie bowls as well as other healthful food alternatives. Additionally, Pointzero Coffee operates a small store where it offers brewing supplies and coffee beans. Point Zero Coffee is located at Karen Blixen Museum, Karen Road, Kenya.

9:The River Cafe

The River Café is located in Karura Forest, one of the largest urban forests in the world. It’s an outdoor restaurant that serves food all day and has roomy premises with high ceilings and views of the surrounding forest. It’s simple and cosy, with a menu that highlights the best of Kenyan cuisine. The continental cuisine à la carte breakfast option is available all day. Location: Nairobi, Kenya’s Karura Forest, The River Café.

10:Geco Cafe

The breakfast at Geco Café on Mbaazi Avenue is amazing. Geco Café offers a great sense of community, which has been appreciated by both domestic and international patrons. Ever since its initial launch in 2017, the region has progressively garnered increased interest. It has developed into an amalgam of everything that initially drew visitors to Nairobi: a workstation, a live performance space, coffee shop, library, and bar all rolled into one. Location: Mbaazi Road and Geco Café, Nairobi, Kenya.

11:Bao Box

20 Best Cafes in Nairobi
Bao Box

Originally, Bao was a board game café. Following five years of uniting individuals from many backgrounds through board games, comedy events, quiz evenings, and even Dirty Bingo, they made the decision to travel past the past and into the future in order to cultivate even more robust social ties. Their Kenyan heritage is evident in every aspect of the venue’s events, décor, and activities—all of which stay true to our initial idea.

 Location: Bao Box, General Mathenge Drive, Nairobi, Kenya; next to Russell Bedford.

12:News Cafe Sarit Centre

News Cafe Sarit Centre is a contemporary chain of cafes and bars that offers coffee, drinks, and breakfast. Location: Karuna Road, Sarit Centre, News Cafe Sarit Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.

13:Lava Latte

The perfect neighbourhood café is Lava Latte, a little coffee shop nestled in a quiet area of Statehouse Road. The meals and coffee options are excellent, and the service is confident, artistic, and casual. The proprietors intended to mix their passion of coffee with gorgeous surroundings to create a quaint, rustic coffee shop that is perfect for both working all day while enjoying their delicious beverages and lounging with friends while enjoying amazing cuisine. Location: 209 State House Road, Lava Latte, Nairobi, Kenya.

14:Pallet Cafe

2018 saw the opening of Pallet Cafe’s first site in Lavington, tucked away on James Gichuru Drive across from Lavington Mall in a large, lovely garden. Providing deaf persons with employment options is the aim. The design concept of the restaurant is based on reuse, upcycling, and sustainability. Pallet Cafe is located at James Gichuru Road in Nairobi, Kenya.

15:Kesh Kesh Coffee Roasters & Cafe

At Kesh Kesh Coffee Roasters & Cafe, they are qualified coffee specialists with over 14 years of experience. Their team of professionals carefully selects, roasts, and packages our coffee to ensure that it meets the highest moral and ethical standards. Promoting a thing they believe in makes them very proud.

Location: Chaka Apartments, Chaka Road, Kesh Kesh Coffee Roasters & Cafe, Nairobi, Kenya.

16:Matbronze Cafe

The cosy environment of Matbronze Cafe is decorated with a variety of artwork, including bronze sculptures, various crafts, paintings, and drawings. There is a section of the charming, well-kept garden reserved for “work areas” for mobile workers. There are also beautiful tents in the yard for a more intimate get-together. It is a little-known treasure that only provides the greatest selections from the food offered at Matbronze Cafe.

 Location: Nairobi, Kenya; Matbronze Cafe, Langata S Road.

17:Cafe kaya

Cafe Kaya takes you on a journey with each bite. They are situated on the second level of Westlands’ Viking House. They also give you games and literature to pass the time as you unwind and wait for the delicious cuisine to be served. Location: Cafe Kaya, Slip Road Off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya, following the Westlands Roundabout.

18:Barista & Co

Founded in 2016, Barista & Co. Is a family-run business that supplies coffee at events. In 2018, they established a coffee roaster so they could have total control over the process. To ensure that each cup of coffee they serve is distinct, they meticulously hand-roast the coffee before brewing it according to a precise scientific process. Their coffee is sourced from plantations and co-ops around Kenya. Location: Riverside Drive, Keystone Park, Barista & Co., Nairobi, Kenya.

19:Kista Caffè – Banda Street

The tagline of Kista Caffè is “Excellent Coffee for Wonderful Conversations.” Coworking is also a fantastic option here. In addition to having a great workspace and delicious meals and beverages to keep you energised all day, you may enjoy. Location: Banda Street, Banda St., Kista Caffè, Nairobi, Kenya.

20:Thorn Tree Cafe

Legend has it that letters were pinned to the trunk of the Thorn Tree Cafe, acting as a makeshift post office for passing travellers. “Tree mail” is still in use, and the Thorn Tree Cafe prospers in the intersection of Africa. In the centre of the city’s business district, the café serves as the perfect meeting place and offers a wonderful dining experience.

Location: Standard St. And Thorn Tree Cafe, Nairobi, Kenya

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